An e-mail alias is an e-mail that shares a mailbox with a different e-mail. For instance, you could have as well as and messages sent to both of them will be received in just one mailbox. This option will make it a lot easier and much more convenient to control numerous email addresses since you will need to log in one single mailbox if you work with webmail as well as set up only one address in a e-mail client on your computer. When you set up an alias, you will not only be able to receive messages, but you will also be able to send out e-mails from the different addresses and they will share the Outbox, so you'll have all communication in a single place. Implementing aliases is surely an alternative to making use of different e-mail addresses for different purposes or forwarding one e-mail address to another one so that you can control the communication of both in a single location.
E-mail Aliases in Cloud Hosting
The Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with each and every cloud hosting plan we offer you, will help you set up as many aliases as you need for the email addresses that you make in your account. Setting up or deleting an alias will take a few clicks, so you can manage several emails in a single mailbox even if you use webmail as well as an e-mail client on your home computer or smartphone. In this way, you can take advantage of a number of emails for personal or business correspondence and save time by linking each of them to one or a few mailboxes. You may even combine having aliases for any specific mailbox and forwarding all inbound messages from a business to a private e-mail address if you happen to check the latter more often.