All web hosting accounts are handled via a Control Panel and irrespective of the brand of the latter, there is always a File Manager tool, which lets you look into the files that you've uploaded in the Internet hosting account and to carry out simple operations with them, such as moving, copying or deleting. With respect to the specific tool, there may be more complex features too, including control over permissions and archives. Several Control Panels are easier to work with compared to others and so are their File Manager sections. Considering that that's the main tool that you will use to handle your files, it is crucial to check in advance what options it comes with and if it shall work for you, because a hard-to-use File Manager may be a burden and could make managing your online presence more challenging.
File Manager in Cloud Hosting
The File Manager tool, that is a part of our in-house developed Hepsia CP, will enable you to administer all the files which you upload to your cloud hosting account with ease. You could move files and whole folders by dragging-and-dropping them within the account. You can upload content in the same manner - select a file/folder on your personal computer and drag it to your browser in which the File Manager is loaded. By right-clicking a file or a folder in your account, you can also access context menus with more advanced options - you will be able to set up or to unpack an archive, to set up a password-protected area, to change the UNIX permissions through a web interface or to modify the content with a variety of editors without ever leaving the Control Panel – an HTML editor, a plain text editor or a code editor. We have also included help articles and educational videos, you can access straight from the File Manager to get more information about its capabilities.